about us

We are the family Horat.Daniela, Hansjörg and our son Kaj. We live in a house with a lot of change in the delightful town of Landquart. For more than 25 years, we live together with dogs, until we are stuck with the dachshunds. Since 2006 we breed lovingly successful short- and Rauhaardackel dwarf.
Since 2013, we have taken enthusiastically on a small scale a cattery with Chihuahuas to. For us it is very important to breed healthy and mentally strong dog, so our buyers can have years of pleasure from this lovingly reared dogs. Socializing is very important to us. Therefore we take the puppies already having in all important everyday situations.

Kennel is an absolute taboo for us. Our dogs can romp in our large garden to their hearts content.
Of course you can visit us at all times to ask questions. Even after the purchase, we are of course always there for you. The new dog owners we are looking very carefully, so that we lovingly reared and cheerful dogs with their new families
prepare much joy for many years.

Sometimes it pays to wait on a litter. The purchase of a dog should be carefully considered; you should seek information and keep in mind that the dog until about 16 years a family member definitely on the characteristics of the breed and the breeder.